Tuesday 22 March 2016

Quickie: brake pipe retaining tab

Thought I would throw out a bite-sized update in lieu of a more substantial post, as my garage time has been rather short of late...

As you may notice in the peripheral of the photos below (the last couple in particular), I have been laboriously cleaning up all the plug welds from around the edge of the pans recently. However, it is taking me quite a bit of time to do, so to break up the monotony I thought I would repair one of the little retaining tabs that fasten the brake pipe in place alongside the chassis tunnel. These were originally spot welded on and not really designed to withstand a lot of fatigue. So, it was no surprise that one of these pieces came off earlier on in the resto. Making a fresh one seemed to be the best way forward. I flattened the old original piece in a vice so I could take a few dimensions which I jotted down. I then cut a piece of fresh steel of the same thickness (old tab on the left, newly cut tab on the right):

Drilled an 8mm hole for plugging and bent up the bottom to allow for the brake pipe to slide underneath. This will eventually be bent back around the brake pipe once positioned. Gave it a lick of zinc primer:

To ensure a flush fit to the tunnel I gently curved the upper part of the piece by hand to match the contour of the tunnel. I then lined it up:

Finished off by plug welding into place, dressed the weld and coated with zinc primer (the usual process):


  1. Very nice. I'd say a good restoration is in the details. And I've found that for me doing the little things like that are the funnest part of tinkering on a car.

    Todd Norman

    1. Thanks Todd! I completely agree, but I have to be careful that I don't obsess too much on details or else the car might not ever get done. Just cant help myself though ;-)