Photo History of Gretchen

2000 - Original classified advert

2000 - Standing proudly with Gretchen on the day I bought her

2000 - Gretchen at 'London Volksfest'

2003 - Starting to look a bit shabby from the heavy use as a daily driver. Note the 
fluffy dice added to rear view mirror

2003 - Briefly considered going for the 'Cal look'. Removed rear bumper and 
bolted on a zoom tube (which fell whilst driving after about 3 miles!)

2004 - Doing food shop (in my student days). Gretchen was my daily driver 

2004 - Me behind the wheel at 'Bug Jam'

2004 - Gretchen at 'Bug Jam' nestled between some other bugs

2004 - Gretch at 'Bug Jam'

2004 - Somewhere in the depths of Wales

2004 - Gretch on the way down to Portland on the south coast of England

2004 - Camping in a farmers field in Portland. I didn't bother bringing a tent & slept in 
the back of the bug (surprisingly spacious with the rear seat folded down!

2004 - I think this was taken on the way back from a day trip to the Brecon 
Beacons in Wales during the summertime

2004 - Pictured in the Welsh landscape

2005 - parked on the road outside my old student digs in Bristol. Thanks to Gwemmy for the pic!

2007 - For a year or so Gretchen languished in car limbo on a friends driveway. I owe a huge debt of thanks to Fee for putting up with this sad rusting heap during that time

2007 - As ratty as she will ever be! This was taken a couple of years prior to restoration

2007 - I really had no idea of the size of the task ahead of me. This was the last time Gretchen was outside in one piece


  1. Nice, I am sure you are way ahead by now. :)

    1. Yeah, I guess I am ahead now ...but the car is also in a lot more pieces at the moment!