Monday 31 October 2011

Removal of one rusty floor pan

I finally got back down the garage this weekend and after a substantial tidy up I managed to cut out one of the rotted floor pans from the chassis. I started from the back and gradually worked my way around the perimeter:


I followed the technique outlined by Rick Higgins in the ‘Bug Me’ video (volume 6), but ended up cutting wider than was necessary due to be over cautious. I will trim up the cut next time and then chisel off the remaining metal that is tack welded to the tunnel. 

As recommended by Mr Higgins I cut on the inside of the seat track. In theory the runner should now easily pop off using a chisel and a few swift hits of a hammer. Looking closer at mine I realised someone had previously repaired the area and reinforced the seat track with more than just a few tack welds! I shall purchase a suitable chisel and report back.


.....and the pan is out! I think I am going to hang onto this scrap metal for practicing my welding technique when the time comes.

Because my garage has no power I am completely limited by battery operated tools and my reciprocating saw was only able to cut out the drivers side pan before both batteries died. In fact, there was about 6 inches of cutting still to go, so I finished the last bit with a junior hacksaw (broke 3 blades though)!

So, one down one to go (and I promise not to leave it another 16 months before I tackle the passenger side!)

Thursday 20 January 2011

The project is still happening - it's just been in hibernation for the winter!

Wow, such a vast amount of time has elapsed since I have even set foot in the garage, let alone posted anything on this blog! The problem with this time of year, apart from the numbing cold and relentless drizzle, is that it gets dark at around 4pm (although the days are starting to get longer...). Sadly, these factors make working in a garage without any electric a bit of an uninviting prospect!

However, I am determined to resume the work shortly.....