Wednesday 13 October 2021

The forgotten face of Señor Framehead

Whilst in blast-and-repaint mode (which, in part, is being driven by a race against the encrouching autumnal UK weather), I repositioned the chassis in the garage to get access to to the front of the framehead:

This section was not originally painted with the rest of the chassis due to it being obscured by the mounting point of the rotisseree. However, it did have a protective layer of grey primer slapped on years ago to prevent corrosion (although I now know that primer is awful for this application due to it being pourous).
I was initially confused by 3 extra holes that had no discernible fuction and were suspiciously asymetrical. I thought for sure that they had been drilled out sometime in the past and was about to break out the welder to plug them when I figured I should probably do some research to establish if they were factory or not: 

So, for anyone reading in the future pondering the same thing; I can catagorically confirm that yes, they are vw drilled holes. Here is a picture from my official workshop manual that shows them (ignore the fact that it is butchered by an Oxyacetylene torch):


I also found other restoration threads that showed the mystery holes in the same place, so I was reassured that no action was required.  

Masked up the holes and then blasted it all clean using the blasting drape to contain the mess:

 Now to get this into paint before it rapidly rusts over again...

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