Monday 26 September 2016

Stripped and prepped

Spent an eternity stripping the temporary primer and grime off of the chassis in preparation for the top coat of Mastic 121. It is hard to stress in words just how time consuming this was - the big flatter areas obviously get stripped relatively fast, but that can be deceiving as it is all the nooks & crannies that become the vortex of time! Here is a breakdown of my pre-paint bare metal process:

  • stripped what I could easily get at with the drill-mounted wire brush and an angle-grinder mounted poly abrasive disc (< this was a true godsend!)
  • masked up the all the chassis orifices and shot blast the hard to reach areas 
  • keyed everything with 80 grit sandpaper to create a suitable roughened surface for the paint to bond to
  • Tack clothed the entire area to remove debris particles
  • Thoroughly panel wiped the chassis to clean and degrease
  • Applied FE-123 into any pitted areas of steel to neutralise any lurking residual rust
  • Once the FE-123 had hardened/blackened I sanded back those localised areas to remove excess
  • Blew entire area over with compressed air (including inside the chassis tunnel for good measure)
  • Final tack cloth & panel wipe all over until no trace of dirt was detectable on the rag

So here is the naked result of my boundless endeavour (NB: these were taken just before I applied the FE-123 because, despite being necessary, it made the chassis look less shiny and presentable);

The next post is going to be epic. The chassis will finally get a lick of sumptuous semi-gloss black (truth be told, I have already sprayed the first layer and it looks pretty damn sweet - but that is a story for another post)...

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