Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Twist of Lemon

I’ve been experimenting with a fabled rust remover rumored for generations to yield miraculous clensing powers …lemon juice! I wanted to clean up my VIN plate in the most gentle way possible and restore the shine of the original metal. I carefully removed my VIN plate (yes, I know it is kind of a grey area when it comes to legality) by gently grinding down the rear of the rivets using the Dremel. I then used a small punch to tap the rivets out using barely any force. I then began juicing my bag of lemons:

I used a fine sieve to remove the piff (not sure this step was necessary, but I was on a roll) and poured into a suitably sized container:

I left my VIN plate submerged for about 48 hours and then wiped away the crud using a toothbrush. I was happy with the initial results:

To finish off I vigorously polished with some Autosol followed by Silvo:

It is a shame that the following photo cannot accurately convey just how shiny this thing turned out. Believe me, it is like a mirror now:

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