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I know myself and recognise my bad habits; I seem to spend a lot of time researching which are the best parts to get and scribble my findings down on a scrap of paper, which I inevitably lose. As time passes I forget my original conclusions and end up doing all the research over again. Repeating oneself is never a wise use of time! Therefore, I have decided to create this 'parts list' as a way of cataloguing not only what I need, but also to capture a brief rationale behind the choices to serve as an aide-memoire.

N.B - white text indicates the items that I still need to purchase and red text denotes the items that have already been acquired;
Bodywork (mostly sheet steel)

    • Front wings (Day Mouldings) - best fit for following the contour of the bonnet section
    • Rear wings (Day Mouldings) - best fit for following the contour of the rear section
    • Spare Wheel Well, Front, Repair Panel (Klokkerholm) - only available option

    • A-pillars (Hookeys) - best quality reproductions and thick steel
    • Rear bumper hangers (Hookeys) - best quality reproductions
    • Passengers side engine bay tray (Hookeys) - as above
    • Frame head bottom plate (Klokkerholm) - appears to be the only available option
    • Napoleon's Hat (Klokkerholm) - appears to be the only available option
    • Floor pans (Wolfsberg West) - original gauge steel and defined pressings
    • Accelerator hinge (Just Kampers) - as good as any
    • Heater channels (Klassic Fab) - top quality & better than anything on the market
    • Rear crossmembers (German, unknown manufacturer) - Not accurate for mid-sixties Beetle, but thick steel and crisp pressings.
    • Complete front quarter panels (Genuine VW Mexi or German) - Difficult to find discontinued RH side
    • Rear 1/4 reinforcement sections and body mounts (Original, donor cut) - Klokkerholm is the only repro option and it is terrible quality. OG steel all the way!
    • Windscreen Heater/demister outlets (Original, donor cut) - no repro option available 
    • Rear valance (BBT) - steel thickness same as original and accurate pressings
    • Lower rear quarter panels (Klassic Fab) - top quality
    • Front Firewall (Klassic Fab) - top quality  

    OG items (required to replace damaged/missing components that haven't been remanufactured)
    • Interior light with chrome surround
    • Plastic heater lever end piece (white)
    • Chrome bumper overriders
    • Bilstein jack
    • Hub caps x3
    • Brake fluid reservoir cap (plastic)

    • Year correct front indicators 
    • Year correct 'short' number plate light housing
    • Rear light clusters
    • Tool roll
    • Passenger side footrest panel
    • Passenger seat base
    Additional items:
    • Floor pan seal
    • Gear stick gaiter
    • Handbrake cable adjustment nuts x2
    • Handbrake gaiter
    • Heater cable for under rear seat (x2)
    • Castle nuts & corresponding split pins (x2)
    • Lowered spring plates (Red 9 design, Atomwerk or similar)
    • Skid plate (MW engineering)
    • Off-white perforated vinyl headliner (TMI) - good reputation within resto community
    • Running boards - Autocraft UK produce good quality versions
    • Wiring loom
    • NON-RETRACTABLE SEAT BELT, grey strapping material with chrome buckle, 3-point shoulder and lap combination (Wolfsberg West)
    • Seat Covers, mesh grey and off white (ivory) two-tone vinyl (Wolfsberg West)

    • Door screws (x12)
    • Accelerator hinge pin
    • Accelerator return spring
    • Floor pan bolts (x18)
    • Front floor pan long bolts (x4)
    • Floor pan bolt washer (x4)
    • Gear stick knob (ivory colour)
     Accessories (non-essential wish list):
    • Black with white VW logo mud-flaps
    • Amber spotlight (Hella, Bosch, Raydot or similar)
    • Pop-out rear windows
    • Vintage AA members badge

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